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The way in which employers and companies approach the new regulated implementation and development of work place benefits is changing, but not fast enough ...

In the current challenging climate most companies are having to look closely at what they do and offer to their staff. Now is the time to take the appropriate steps to not only deal with the impact of issues such as auto enrollment, but to also create a plan for the future implications of the provision of a wider work place benefits proposition.

Getting smarter and working with the right financial services provider should be the first step on this journey. Partnering with us at Gerrard Byrne Financial Solutions Limited (GBFS Ltd) would allow us to have a clear understanding of you, your company and your growing staff culture.

With the relationship established under our 'Money Matters' banner, we will design and implement an appropriate cost efficient benefits programme that will help you to not only acquire the right staff but to also retain the existing staff via your work place benefits proposition. Initially this maybe the simple implementation of a company pension scheme to meet with your legal obligation as an employer.